Gathering My Thoughts

I’m not quite sure how to start these… Hello?

Getting straight to the point, essentially I have made this rather average blog in order to document my life, since I have a god-awful memory, but also to let out things that I otherwise couldn’t tell people. Probably because I have no friends, but let’s ignore that for now.

It should be fairly obvious that I am clueless about this sort of stuff so I’d just be happy if anyone reads this, let alone find any entertainment value in it whatsoever. I don’t even know how this is even going to reach people unless they sort of stumble across my username or something, which I find rather unlikely. Either way, if you’re reading this, welcome!

Some things that I should probably point out; I type how I speak (literally. Whatever the voice in my head says, I type it) but I probably won’t use any foul language or anything, mostly because I actually want people to like me. Also I am very open to suggestions on how to improve this – either the style or the content, in all honesty I think I need all the help I can get!

As for when I’ll post, I am more likely to post late at night because that’s usually when I’m on my laptop – although with my current job I do a fair amount of night shifts so if I miss a few days, blame my work. I know I do… I can’t stand it there. But I’m sure I’ll have a rant about that another time. I live in London so time zones might be another thing to think about but I guess I can worry about that if I actually get an audience!

I’m really excited to start this and I have no idea why, I just find the idea of it thrilling and if I can brighten up someone’s day or help people in any way, then that’s the best thing ever, in my opinion.

I hope everyone out there has had a wonderful day!



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