Have Some Of My Feels

Okay guys, I just want to say that I had a whole post planned for tonight about achievements and setting goals and stuff like that and was going to be really heartwarming; instead I offer you emotions. At least, it gave me emotions so… I’m going to tell you a little story that is completely true – and there is a point to all this I swear.

Imagine a female driving her car late at night, feeling pretty happy with herself for whatever reason and just enjoying the ride. All of a sudden something in the road up ahead caught her eye – rubbish? A bag on the road? As she drove closer she could see it was some kind of animal laying in the middle of the tarmac. Immediately her heart broke for the creature and, without hesitation, did a U-turn at the roundabout which was just up ahead, so that she could pull over and help it. As soon as her car was parked on the side of the road, safely, she leapt out and ran across the dual carriageway (obviously looking out for cars) towards the animal. It turned out to be a fox laying on it’s side. The girl felt so sorry for the fox that she picked it up in her arms like a baby, and raced off the road to the grassy verge where her car was parked. She gently placed the fox down, inspecting its wounds. Tears started to well up in the girls eyes as she realised that the animal had not moved at all, so she checked its pulse and, sure enough, the fox was already dead.

The girl was heartbroken, she wept and wept on the side of the road, shielded from view of other drivers passing by because of her car. The fox looked like it was merely sleeping, but being hit by a car leaves little chance for survival for a fragile animal. She knew that, and yet the tears refused to stop. She couldn’t leave the poor thing in the middle of nowhere, so she once again carried the deceased fox in her arms, over to some trees and bushes; she proceeded to surround it with leaves – similar to what Katniss did for Rue in The Hunger Games – since she couldn’t properly bury it (which she wanted to). Once she was satisfied, she got back into her car, and sobbed. Her eyes were so overused from sobbing that her eyes began to sting and she knew she had to go home. She said a final farewell to the poor fox and went home, only to curl up and cry some more. She will never forget that night.

Now, most people will read that and think, “why is the girl so upset over a dead animal that she had no part in killing?”. Could it be that she felt sorry for it? Perhaps she had never been so close to a dead animal before? Maybe she loved animals and seeing one hurt/dead made her heart physically hurt?

I did say there was a point to this so here it is; just because you may not care about something as much as someone else does not make their feelings about it any less valid. Its like if a football fan was distraught at their favourite team losing a match, but when their friend, a hockey fan, had the same response to their favourite team losing, you can’t just say to them, “Oh well, it’s only hockey” since you aren’t a fan of the sport. The same thing applies for anything. The girl was heartbroken at seeing that poor dead animal just being left in the middle of the road like it was nothing. What if that were a human body? I can imagine there would be a very different response.

Here’s another point that I think you should really consider; don’t take anything for granted okay? Life, as much as it feels like it drags on sometimes, is short. You are older now than you ever have been, but the youngest you will ever be again. Don’t waste your time on things that don’t matter and grasp every opportunity you have when you have it, otherwise you’ll regret it later on. Take risks and make mistakes, life is a lesson so why not learn from it?

Hope you guys have had a wonderful day.


P.S. The girl in the story? It was me.


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