Nostalgia and a Future Possibility

Hey there, me again.

I know what you must be thinking… “Two posts in one night?! This is incredible!” I know, I know. You’re welcome.

[All kidding aside, I am prone to forgetting things so I feel that if I post as and when I feel the need to, I’m less likely to forget that this amazingly dull blog exists *insert smiley face*.]

It’s pretty obvious that I’ve been trying to figure out what I should be doing with my life – mostly career-wise but not entirely – and I actually came across something I wanted to do when I was really little but never thought I could make a living from it, it was more like a cool hobby; photography.

I remember always being outside taking pictures of anything and everything I found pretty or cool or amazing (safe to say, I took a lot of pictures) and even at that age – I think I was around 7 years old – my family thought I was pretty good, even asking me to take pictures at family celebrations and such. Though, of course, they might have been praising me because I was a shy, chubby girl who was actually proud of something and they wanted to boost my self-esteem, but either way! I loved taking my time outside with my (then) new camera; the frost made everything look beautiful, and despite how cold I got I would spend hours just searching and waiting to find the best pictures. I’m not too bad at editing either, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, this isn’t a bragging post; in fact I’m trying to ask you guys for advice (again). Do you think I should go for it and see if I could make something out of it? I still love taking photos – not just scenery but wildlife and people too. I don’t have a professional camera but do you guys recon I should invest in one and try to make a living out of something I love doing? I don’t know what it could lead to in the future but if it means I could leave my current occupation, I vote yes, no question. I will have to stay on at my current job for the time being I guess, just until I get the ball rolling (I’m not even sure how to do that yet but ignore that for now) and earn enough, somehow, to leave. Does anyone know anything that could potentially help me? I’d be forever grateful!

Thanks for reading once again, have a wonderful night!




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