Messing With People

Hey guys, I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday because I was out all day and didn’t even get home until around 5am…

I was spending the day with one of my longest and closest friends since we haven’t seen each other in ages; he wanted to spoil me to “make up for lost time”, as he put it, so we went on a “fake date”. That’s just a term I made up – basically people would see us and think we were on a date because we did stuff couples would do (go to the movies, have a meal out, walk around in the dark, etc) but in reality we’re best friends.

The fun thing we liked to do though is if people asked us about it, we wouldn’t deny anything so they’d think it was real. We even did it to our friendship group (by accident) and they all genuinely thought we were together! It was really funny, I’m not gonna lie to you. Unbeknown to anyone – apart from said best friend – I already have a S/O, whom also found it hysterical to watch.

It can’t possibly just be us who find things like that funny? Messing with people – in a not-being-cruel, we-aren’t-hurting-anyone kind of way, I mean. For instance, I understand pranks and things are meant to be funny, but there’s a line that if crossed could mean that people get hurt (not always physically) which is really not okay to me. But in this case the only thing it could have hurt is our reputation, not that we have much of one anyway, and our friends pull stuff like this all the time so we knew they wouldn’t be offended.

It was just fun to see what their reaction was to something like that! We can’t be the only ones?

Have a wonderful day everyone!



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