Kindness Can Go A Long Way

Hey everyone, how are we all?

I had the strangest and yet best days I’ve had in a very long time. And it just goes to show what an impact you could make if you only have a kind heart.

After a very long night shift I finally got home at around 7:20am and all I could think about was my bed in the warm. As soon as I got out my car I heard something behind me; turns out a cute black and white cat was meowing at me. Now, as an animal lover I can’t just pass up an opportunity to make a new furry friend, so I fussed it and it seemed really friendly – which was odd because the strays around my area usually don’t get this close to people and all housecats would be in their homes, in the warm, asleep at this time and temperature. It didn’t have a collar on so I had no clue if it was owned or not but it was very affectionate so I didn’t believe it could be a stray.

I kneeled on the ground so I could fuss it better and gave it some of my leftover chicken sandwich in case it was hungry; it certainly was, I’d never seen a cat eat so quickly! After it had eaten it was purring like you wouldn’t believe and even crawled onto my lap – my legs were very dead after a while but I couldn’t leave the poor thing in the cold. After a while I had to get up because I couldn’t feel my fingers it was so cold, so I got up and started walking towards my house (after my legs came back to life) and the sweet little thing started following me! I felt like a disney princess, I won’t lie.

I quickly went inside and since I have pets myself, I got some cat biscuits, ham from the fridge and a bowl of water and went back out to see if it was still there – it was. It ate everything I put in front of it and once again curled up on my lap when it was done, purring really loudly. I had this gut feeling that I shouldn’t leave it, that I should do something to see if it was lost. My original idea was to take it to a vets to check the microchip – if it had one – so that the owners could be informed. Unfortunately it was 8am on a Saturday morning so no vets would be open. So I did the only other thing I could think of; took a few pictures of the sweet thing and posted it on a Facebook page. My mother was afraid I’d get sick staying out in the cold for so long (apparently I was turning blue, but I think she was exaggerating) so I made a makeshift bed out of a box, newspaper and a towel so that if the cat had nowhere else to go it could stay warm in our courtyard. I kept checking on it as much as I could but unfortunately being at work for 12 hours took its toll and I fell asleep not long afterwards.

As soon as I woke up I checked my phone – holy moly, I have never had so many messages and notifications on my phone as I did right then. Apparently the cat I was approached by had been missing since September! The owners and friends of the owners had been trying to contact me, I felt so bad for falling asleep… But as soon as I called the number and explained who I was, they practically burst into tears; apparently they had come down my road (I shared what road I lived down on the post) and the cat came when they called him! His name’s Loki and the owners were so happy, they said it was the best Christmas present they could have asked for. I felt like I was on cloud 9, I’m so happy that he’s back home safe!

Genuinely, the best feeling I have ever felt. I am so glad it was a happy ending :’)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day too!


‘Have courage and be kind’ – words I live by. May also be from Cinderella.



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