Nights Out

How is everyone today?

Sorry I don’t get to post as often as I’d like – a mixture of my shoddy work hours, preparations for Christmas. decorating the house and family drama are all taking a lot of my time. Not to mention my depressive episodes make me unable to do just about anything so that is also to blame really…

Moving swiftly on. It’s a Friday night and we all know what that means; drinking and having fun! At least, that’s what my generation associate with Friday nights. Personally I don’t see much point in spending far too much money for liquids that basically incapacitate you in places that smell like a sweaty armpit with far too many humans packed inside… But I digress. There are a few rare occasions where I do participate – mostly birthdays and things like that if I’m honest – but as it’s nearing Christmas, a few of my friends and I wanted to meet up for a night out since the closer it got to Christmas, the busier we would all be and have less time to see one another. So, we all booked time off work and set aside one night that was specific to that purpose – we had planned it weeks in advance and we were all pretty excited for it.

I won’t bore you with the details for once but in a nutshell, that night was meant to be tonight. The main coordinator of this “event” cancelled suddenly for no reason, which meant I had no means of travel to or from the drinking establishment. So I also couldn’t go. After that, it was a domino effect; the only other girl wouldn’t go if it was just her and the guys so she refused to go, one of the guys refused to go if no girls were going so then he refused and the remaining guy obviously didn’t want to attend all by himself. So the night that had been specially picked out and planned for so long in advance, was then so easily cancelled all because of one guy who was being selfish.

In a twist of fate, the other female then decided to go because her boyfriend wanted to go, along with one of his friends. Which meant that the other two guys were also on board. So they are now all on their way there.

Surely its acceptable for me to be a bit sour, right? I don’t have many friends as it is, and the ones I have I don’t get to see for one reason or another. Plus, I was looking forward to tonight for a while since I don’t get to go out very often, and now they’re all going with not a thought about me. I’m just…stuck at home. Okay, I’m a lot more than a bit sour. It’s just not fair.

Wow, I sound like a whiny child… But that still doesn’t change how I feel. I can just tell that my mood is going to sink further…

Hope everyone is having a better night than I am.




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