Gift Giving

How is everyone today?

Well, I finally finished all my Christmas shopping; thank goodness. I find it so stressful finding presents for people, I don’t know about everyone else? Like, what if they have already got what I want to give them, or what if they don’t like it, or what if they spent a lot more money on a present for me? I’d feel awful… It’s just so much stress!

To me it doesn’t even feel like Christmas, you know? I mean, yeah you hear Christmas songs all the time on the radio and everyone has these pretty decorations up, but it’s now less than a week until the “big day” and, for me, there’s not much hype about it anymore. Have I just reached the age when Christmas starts being less fun and more of a chore? Christmas was amazing when I was a young child but the last couple of years there has been a slight lacking of enthusiasm.

What makes it worse is that I’m working on Christmas day. And all surrounding days. And New Years Eve/New Years Day. Yet another reason I can’t stand my job… I just feel like it’s making me miss out on time that could be better spent with my family, is that selfish?

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.



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