One Of My Dreams

Hey everybody, hope you’re all well!

I am in a shockingly good mood right now, got no clue as to why but I intend to roll with it!

Who here is a fan of YouTube? I expect most of you are because lets face it, YouTube has every video you could ever want on there. I myself love to watch videos on there – I can easily set aside some time and just binge watch some specific YouTubers’ videos because I love them so much; what they do, what they talk about, etc. Usually cute animal videos or gamers and things along those lines. I can’t get enough!

Originally I did want to start a YouTube Channel (it was my original dream job) but I don’t think I could ever have the patience to do it, you know? Setting aside hours for recording content, editing it all and things like that – I’m so impatient, so I doubt I could stick to it if I didn’t get viewers. And the hardest part would probably be figuring out what I would even do videos on! I mean, I couldn’t do vlogs because nothing interesting ever happens in my life. I don’t game very often and I’m awful at the ones I do play. I am really jumpy but I couldn’t ever bring myself to voluntarily play something or watch something if I know I’d jump at it… I don’t really wear makeup so I couldn’t do stuff like tutorials. I would hate to make a fool of myself so prank videos were out of the question. I could carry on but I think you see my point!

Lets face it, if you like recording and editing videos then its not even a job really, its just a hobby that you get money for! What could be better? My dad always told me to find a job that I love, that way I’ll never have to work a day in my life. I’m sure he probably stole that quote of somebody else, but those words have stuck with me for years; unfortunately I can never seem to get a job that I actually enjoy doing… I feel like I’m failing him a little bit.

I do still want to start one. Being totally honest with you guys here, I do. I recon I’d be okay at it, once I could figure out what my content would be. I just don’t have the time – maybe once I move out and have a place of my own with a job that actually gives me time away, then I could do it. But right now it just doesn’t seem plausible for me… *insert sad face*

Hope you’re all having a wonderful lead up to Christmas!



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