All Of The Regret

Has anyone ever had one of those nights out where you drink so much alcohol that you get an idea – that you think is great so you do it – and then when you wake up the next morning you instantly regret doing it and curse your brain for thinking it in the first place?

Well, I can now shamefully say I have done that.

It was an amazing night out, one that I think I really needed if I’m honest. Unfortunately when the time came to go home, everyone was saying their goodbyes and such, getting into booked taxis or lifts with friends or family – but I had no way of getting home. I mean, I did originally but then the plans got changed so midway through the night, I then didn’t, so not entirely my fault. Besides, I knew one of my friends were on their own and since they live a few roads down from the pub we were at, I made sure they got home safely. Which I think was rather responsible, considering my blood alcohol level.

But when I fished out my phone to call someone for a ride, my phone had unfortunately died on me. What bad luck… So, here comes my great idea (and only option, really); I’ll walk home!

Intoxicated female + 1am + -3°C + 6miles or so = what the hell was I thinking…

I did manage it. Don’t get me wrong, I made it home by around 4am. I was freezing, yes. I really needed the toilet, yes. But I was home so I made the objective!

It was only when I woke up this morning when I figured out that I am really not okay – my legs are in so much pain that I can barely stand up. So, in hindsight, not my best idea on Earth, but what else could I have done? I had no other way of getting back home.

Either way, yes I regret it but at least I made it home!



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